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Play Therapy 

Nicole provides Play Therapy sessions to children and families from her Goonellabah based clinic At One Play Therapy. Child led play therapy was developed in the 1940's and progressively evolved. It is a successful evidence based form of psychotherapy using current neurological research to support a wide range of emotional, cognitive, behavioural and social difficulties with children aged between 2 and 13 years.

Child led play therapy works on both a conscious and sub-conscious level allowing the child to work through unresolved tensions as they feel to. By providing the right type of environment in which a child can be themselves, feel safe, express themselves freely and enjoy play, this can allow a great deal of self-healing and discovery. That, coupled with a therapist who holds true integrity, listens, has zero judgment and trained skills to support the child to express feelings and behaviours, makes for effective therapy. 

How it works

Each intervention is tailored to the child's needs drawing on various theories and models of practice.


An initial interview meeting is held with parent/s or carers to find out about the child and family, explain the process and answer any questions. There is a non invasive play assessment conducted with the child before weekly therapy sessions are held, and then follow up parent review meetings are held to review the therapy and exchange any feedback as the therapy continues.

Who is it for?

Play Therapy can support children diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, language delays and other developmental delays. It can also support children with: 

Disruptive behaviour 

Academic progress




Relationship stresses

Loss & Bereavement 


Foster Children                     


Low self esteem                   

Social withdrawal

Reading difficulties               

Finding it hard to make friends

To learn more about Individual Play Therapy and to work with Nicole, you can contact her here or visit the At One Play Therapy website here.

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