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TORA workshops

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At One Classrooms provides training for teachers in the form of 1 day professional development workshops covering topics such as:

  • Attachment Theories

  • Child Development stages

  • Importance & Stages of play

  • Trauma Informed practices 

  • The 8 TORA skills


Teachers are then trained and able to workshop the 8 play therapy skills to bring into the school / classrooms.

It is an interactive workshop where teachers are invited to speak about their experiences and take part in practicing new skills.

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TORA was founded by Dr Kate Renshaw who is a well regarded Child Play Therapist, with a background in Psychology. Dr Renshaw spent 8 years researching in England and Australia while completing her PhD on TORA.


Nicole Ricketts is the facilitator of the TORA workshops at At One Classrooms. She is a registered Play Therapist who has studied under Dr Kate Renshaw. She is available to come to your school and present the training and conduct follow up sessions to support teachers to integrate the approach in their teaching practice.

Post workshop follow-up includes individual teacher observations and feedback sessions, so each teacher can hone in on, embed and practice these skills with support from Nicole after the training day.


This is unique to TORA – Teachers commented that the support after the initial training day made it ‘real,’ as they could put these into place on the ‘ground’ level.


Nicole will work with the school for as long as they need. Generally most teachers will receive  2 x 60 minute observation / 15 - 30 minute feedback sessions per term. These sessions are to look more closely at the 8 skills and support the teachers to integrate them effectively into their day to day.

Pre and Post measurements are taken in the form of 2 standardised qustionnaires 

“Because we’re kind of counsellors, we’re so many different things. We’re not just teaching reading, writing. We’re working with parents who’ve experienced abuse, and we’re working with children who are coming from that… but… we’re not taught these things [the TORA] ….so I think that is a big fault in the system, and I think that would be a powerful change if teachers came into schools knowing these things and then putting it into practice and learning from it and growing with it.”

Teacher, VIC (Renshaw, 2022)


1 day workshops

Talk to Nicole about how Professional Development in TORA could benefit your school. One day workshops or customised solutions are available.

Contact Nicole to discuss the services available to your school or workplace

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