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Introducing TORA & CORA

Improve your practice: Connect, increase engagement and support the mental health & well-being of the children that you work with.

The TORA & the CORA are designed for Teachers, Educators, Nurses, Foster Care Agencies, Child Counsellors and anyone who frequently works with children.


Plus – Group Play therapy programs for students in need of additional support.

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18th - 20th March 2024 - Gold Coast 

This is an important conference for any professional working with Children and adolescence. For those looking to hear more about TORA, Certified TORA facilitators Laura Rosenberg, Megan Ellard and Nat Scira will be presenting on TORA over the course of the conference and also holding a workshop.

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Teacher and Pupil

Professional Teacher development and training – Improve mental health in the classroom with easy to integrate tools and therapeutic approaches that make playfullness an integral part of learning and development.


Are you a Professional who works with Children? Improve your connection / relationships with your child patients and clients to enhance a calmer, more collaborative working environment.

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Group Play Therapy can… “serve as a practice field for the outside world, and the expressive and projective nature of Group Play Therapy enables this practice to become real, thus easier to transfer into interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning” (Sweeney et al, 2014, p. 11)


Nicole works with children at her sister practice At One Play Therapy for those that are requiring more personalised and tailored support. Nicole works in close connection and consultation with parents, teachers and carer's to support a child's unfoldment and development through play.


“Because we’re kind of counsellors, we’re so many different things. We’re not just teaching reading, writing. We’re working with parents who’ve experienced abuse, and we’re working with children who are coming from that… but… we’re not taught these things [the TORA] ….so I think that is a big fault in the system, and I think that would be a powerful change if teachers came into schools knowing these things and then putting it into practice and learning from it and growing with it.”

Teacher, VIC. (Renshaw, 2022)


TORA stands for Teacher’s Optimal Relationship Approach.


TORA recognises that teachers play an important role in the lives of each student at school. TORA is an early intervention Mental Health and Well Being strategy that is evidence based and school based. It provides play therapy skills to teachers to then be able to integrate these therapeutic qualities and bring playfulness into their relationships on a daily basis.

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CORA stands for Contextualised Optimal Relationship Approach.


It is an evidence-informed, work place based, early intervention mental health and well-being strategy, which recognises that any professional who works with children plays a pivotal role in their lives. Whether you have a patient you see on a regular basis long-term for medical procedures or counselling, or a child you see once a year for a dental check upCORA provides professionals with play therapy skills to integrate therapeutic qualities and playfulness into their interactions with the children they work with and care for.

Nicole Ricketts is a Certified TORA / CORA Facilitator at At One Classrooms. She is a registered Play Therapist who has studied under Dr Kate Renshaw. Learn more about her work here.


"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation"


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Contact Nicole to discuss the services available to your school or workplace

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